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81522 conche for chocolate, brand new

тип:SR 3000

design DRC 3/3000 for mixing, conching and
discharging paste-like chocolate masses,
consisting of::

- housing with small water jacket
- 2 new stirring elements with 2 new stirring arm shafts
- 6 bearing flanges for taking up the shafts and drives with new bearings and seals. Automatic bearing lubrication
- feed opening with rotary lamella for closing. Opening and closing during the conching or discharging operation is manually possible via switchboard or progammation
- discharging screw with small stirring elements working in opposite direction during mixing operation
- discharge through evacuation opening
- 2 slip-on gear mechanisms of 18 kW each for the drives of both stirring elements, 1 gear of 5,5 kW for the screw drive, with resp. one speed each, german origin, with torque support. Anti-clockwise and clockwise rotation possible, start/stop of the stirring elements for both running directions also possible as well manually via switchboard as via external drive
- indicator of current consumption for both agitation motors
- running time indicator for conching operation
- circulating pump for the water circuit
- switchboard, star-delta control, reversible for the sense of rotation, with tem perature control + indicator, mass thermometer, indicator for actual value
- new documentation, nameplate
- CE certification, attestation of conformity

Further features:
- useful capacity: 3000 kg
- construction in standard steel
- paint RAL 1015
- power of the agitation motors: 15 rpm of stirring elements for 18 KW
- power of screw: 5,5 KW

Following optional extras can be offered:
- chocolate pump, jacketed, 6000 kg/h. start/stop of the pump possible as well manually via switchboard as via external drive, forward + backward motion, main gear with two speeds for acceleration of the liquid phase
- vertical ladder for the manual feed of flavours or lecithin
- built-in boiler with electric heating, 9 kW heating capacity
- closed water circuit with new set of pipings mounted on the machine, with plate heat exchanger, with 3-way valve for control of cooling with temperature control + indication of actual value, preset value, with regulation of water temperature through set-point chocolate temperature
- electric switchboard with Klckner-Mller mini SPS; soft starters for current control, automatic time-controlled program flow, temperatures; recipes, aeration, etc.

Additional coordination:
1. timed sequence of the control and SPS program
2. interfaces to other pieces of equipment.