26269 air pressure whisk for angels kisses, second hand

Type:E 50
Branche of industry:angels kisses


stainless steel,
output: 750 3000 kg/h
rotor/stator with pins,
rotor 260 mm diameter x 275 mm,
working pressure 10 bar,
mixer + housing jacketed
motor 380/415 V, 15 kW,
with inverter
rotor speed 88-438 rpm,
with pump 400 V, 2,2 kW, 20-204 rpm,
mounted on a frame
age 2002,
space required: 3100 x 2800 x 2300 mm high,

Additional offer:

By request we can offer you possibilities of overhauling, modernizing or adapting of this air pressure whisk for your products.

Examples for overhauling