26902 almond scalding machine for marzipan, second hand

Branche of industry:marzipan


output 1 to/h
1 cooking tube, staineless steel
1 peeler, (5 peeling rolls are missing and must be ordered new)
The maseto line was originally a line for pruning dried fruits.
This consists of a continuous steam scaler and a peeler (peeler is available
but incomplete).
The line can be used for other dried fruits such as pine nuts, pistachios,
apricot kernels ...
The scalder can also be used to blanch fruits and vegetables, seeds,
subject to the size compatibility of the processed products.
if wanted, we can offer our service with overhauling and guarantee

Additional offer:

By request we can offer you possibilities of overhauling, modernizing or adapting of this almond scalding machine for your products.

Examples for overhauling