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27128 melting tank for chocolate, brand new

Type:FCX Lab
Branche of industry:chocolate
cocoa butter


melting capacity: 25 kg/h
to dissolve ingots of vegetable fats, chocolate,
cocoa butter,
heated coil for supporting blocks of product,
capacity under the support coil: 100 l,
possibility of introducing nr. 1 ingot of 25 kg (dimensions
400 x 250 x 330 mm),
castor wheels with brake for movement,
insulated, electro-welded AISI 304 stainless steel tank,
double casing for temperature adjustment on the sides and
the bottom of the tank,
heating via electric resistances,
mineral wool insulation on the walls,
detachable AISI 304 stainless steel external casing,
heated coil for supporting blocks of product,
tank and coil are fitted with autonomous heating systems
in order to speed up product melting times,
hot water circulation in the coil,
forced circulation of hot water in the tank,
upper loading and inspection door with gas piston,
temperature-adjusted manual outlet,
attachment for any product discharge with displacement pump,
CE standard approved electric control board with following controls:
digital tank heating water temperature adjuster,
digital coil heating water temperature adjuster,
digital product thermometer,
product pump control panel,
mushroom-shaped emergency button
dimensions: 900 x 615 x 1115 mm high

on request:
- product unload displacement pump
- uprated resistances