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28534 ball mill for chocolate, brand new

Type:WA-FA 100
Branche of industry:chocolate


for chocolate, creams and or chocolate substitute production

with 20-22 micron * refining degree - minimum fat material percentage 29-30%
*measured at the micrometer diluting the product in an oil equivalent weight)

* capacity 100 kg in 50 minutes with powdered sugar,
* capacity 100 kg in 85 minutes with crystallised sugar (aprox 0,5÷0,6 m/m)
* with jacketed tank for cooling water circulation
* with grooved blade stirrer to move the balls and to exchange their position allowing them to cool at their contact to the wall of the tank
* with alloy scraper to clean the aspiration filter at the bottom of the tank
* with 9 kW Motor, rotation speed controlled by a frequency inverter
* with displacement pump, type FRP/2l0 – kW 1,5 for the product recycling inside the machine and to send it to storage at the end of production process
* with cleanable magnetic filter in the product recirculation pipe
* with timer for working time parameter (refining and discharging)
* with basin to heat the water contained in the machine’s double walls
* with plate heat exchanger will cool down machine’s water using external (chilled) one once required by product increased temperature during the working processing.
* with electric switchboard, graphic operator panel, overload cut-outs, safety valves
* installed power: 14 kW
* voltage: 220-380, 50 Hz., 3 phases
* motor: 9,5 kW
* product pump: 1,5 kW
* water pump: 100 W
* resistance: 3000 W
* water consumption: about 300 l/h
* dimensions: 1150 x 1000 x 1800 mm height
* brand new