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29681 ball mill for chocolate, brand new

Type:WA-FA 300
Branche of industry:chocolate


Output at 20-25 microns
300 kg. in 60 minutes with powdered sugar
300 kg. in 85 minutes with crystallised sugar
jacketed tank
with bronze/aluminium alloy scraper at tank bottom and lateral scrapers
with displacement pump, Mod. FPRD 512 - 4 kW
with a cleanable magnetic filter
with PLC control, operation via Siemens touch screen (overload cut-offs, safety devices, electronic temperature control, timers, device for automatic feeding with raw materials, on request with lecithin)

Installed Power: 39 kW
balls weight: 1100 kg
Tension: 380, 50 Hz., 3-phase.
Motor power: 30,75 kW
Product pump: 4 kW
Water pump: 330 W.
Resistance: 3 kW.
Dimensions: 1470 x 1540 x 2850 mm

heatable tank for Lecithin and automatic feeding of the ball mill
capacity approx. 40 L
heating resistor 50 W
with volumetric discharge pump
control by means of SPS control of the ball mill according to preset recipes
dimensions: 350 mm dm. x 450 mm height (without pump projection)
pneumatic supply 6 bar
air pressure consumption approx. 90 Nl/1'

brand new