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Company profile

The company Schokoma GmbH is successfully working for 25 years in the Confectionery and Bakery products industry – not only nation-wide but also internationally.

Because of our longstanding know-how we find the best solution for our customers:
regarding new machines, used machines, purchase, sale, new construction,
general overhauling, modernization or process engineering.

The modernization of older machines e.g. combines the advantages of the most progressive technics like SPS technics with the operational reliability of solid built machines.

If a customer needs a machine exactly adjusted to his production line we offer competent solutions within the field of special machine construction.

Customers intending to make a new establishment receive well-founded advice and support when planning and putting into action – also regarding recipes.

Machines and lines will be professionally dismantled and erected on site including corresponding documentation.

Well-known manufacturers of confectionery and bakery products have confidence in Schokoma GmbH and testify for the lasting quality and the competence of our company.

We deal within the following fields:
• cocoa bean processing
• chocolate paste and glaze production
• chocolate products (pralines, bars, hollow goods, etc.)
• biscuits (hard biscuits, soft biscuits, crackers, lye articles, gingerbread)
• wafers (flat, cream wafers, hollow wafer sticks, ice cream cones)
• high-boiled sugar (candy / lollipop / sugar sticks)
• toffee (fruit / milk)
• chewing gum (bubble gum, chiclets, sticks, balls)
• jelly, mogul (wine gum, marshmallows, ginger sticks, refreshing sticks, fondant)
• croquant (pralines, specialities)
• raw pastes (marzipan, nougat, cocoa powder)
• snack products (chips, flips, tortillas, popcorn, peanut bars)
• dragee (nuts, tablets, cornflakes, etc.)
• foodstuff (jam, meat, bread, cheese, sugar cubes, etc.)
• paints + coatings

Here we supply machines and lines for the processing of raw materials, product.